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Adulthood competition

Here's a superb competition, following on from the competition that was run with Adulthood where you could get your song featured on the actual soundtrack, they've decided to give more budding composers the chance.

Now you can have your song featured on the trailer for the film, the official album soundtrack site as well as the official website and MyMarketingSpace site.

Recently SmartKid (aka Paul Singh) won the right for his own song to be featured on the film's official soundtrack, now you can too.

Adulthood is the follow up for Kidulthood and follows the lead from the first as he is released from jail having served six years for manslaughter. The film follows twenty-four hours after being released and shows him and the audience the effects of his actions and puts him face to face with them and the people he's hurt.

He struggles with his guilt and deal with the outside world, as well as those seeking revenge for his actions, all the while he's sucked into a new cycle of violence.

There are two more competitions where you can win the chance to have your music featured as part of the film's soundtrack. All you have to do is send your song in MP3 format into the site and you can win one of the following:

...inclusion on any promotion trailer (s): Midnight on the 15th April 2008
...inclusion on any Soundtrack Album and/or website and/or MySpace site of the Film: Midnight on the 30th April

To enter the competition and find out more details head to the MyMarketingSpace site for the film.



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