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AMPTP pressure Actors

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has released an open letter to begin pressuring the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to agree to their terms for the upcoming contract negotiations.

In the carefully worded letter they say that they hope both SAG and AFTRA accept the framework agreement that both the Directors Guild and Writers Guild have both agreed to.

What's already clear is that this is putting both sides in the SAG negotiations at quite a distance apart as they have already asked for more terms than the previous Directors and Writers Guilds.

There are a couple of extra twists in here though. High profile members of SAG have already been openly criticising the SAG leadership and pressuring them into negotiating early and agreeing to similar terms as the other Guilds. Then there's the fact that if SAG don't agree then AMPTP and the studios have the option to go to another Guild of actors, AFTRA.

So far things don't look good for either party, and I think we could be seeing the beginning of another series of protracted and public posturing from both camps. However will SAG risk the chance of the AMPTP going to another Guild?

Frankly I'm not sure just what the membership of AFTRA is like compared to SAG, and so far I've heard that all the big names are with SAG, so would that end up being counter productive for the AMPTP and the studios, or would all the big names jump ship at that point?

You can read some details of the open letter over on Variety. This one looks like it could be messy, and rather complicated.



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