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Andromeda Strain featurette online

TheAndromedaStrain.jpgRidley and Tony Scott may be producing the television remake of The Andromeda Strain, but that doesn't guarantee it's going to be any good. What does do that is the director Mikael Saloman who was the cinematographer on Backdraft and The Abyss, and the superb line up.

I know it's a television mini-series, well two episodes, but it looks pretty strong and I've already been featuring the trailer.

The cast has a lot of television stars in it, and quite rightly so, but this has more of a film feel to it than straight television. That's perhaps down to the production values of the Scott brothers and the cinematography from Saloman.

You can see the extended featurette for The Andromeda Strain over at /Film [Flash]. What do you think of it? Is it another example of television creeping towards the realms of cinema? Should it even have been made for the cinema audience?



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