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Arnie wants in Terminator 4?

Terminator.jpgThis is really confusing, and to be honest I don't know if I'm coming or going. Now it's reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger actually wants to be in the film. That is if they ask him.

Frankly I think it's gone too far down the road to have him in now, or rather I would have said that if it didn't seem that things were changing on a daily basis.

Speaking to someone, somewhere and reported through Digital Spy he said:

"I've never had a dialogue with anyone about it. But if they shoot the movie in California, I would [be a part of it], yes."

So I'm not really sure of the timeline of this comment and if it was made some time ago, but if it wasn't and it's a more recent quote, then it could be that he is still keen to appear.

I'd love to get him back in the film, but he would have to be built back up and become a Terminator again. Unless they did something different and had him return as one of the tea who built the design for the Terminator perhaps, maybe he was used as the prototype human version before they went crazy...oh who knows?

The real question is should Arnie return? Is the series going to be strong enough for him to return and do his original character justic, and more importantly is he going to be able to return to his former glory and do the role justice?



I would love for him to show up at the end or in a flash back scene or something. Depending on the story really. I wouldn't want him just to be in it for the sake of it. Let's not forget though, this is a planned new trilogy so I think Arnold's Terminator should so it's face in (at least) on of three).


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