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Austen's Emma to Hip-Hop

Clueless.jpgJane Austen's story of Emma has been seen as many things, even reimagined as the rather good fun Clueless, well now it's set for another twist, as a hip-hop musical version.

The film will be entitled Emme and takes place in an inner-city school with a stepbrother and stepsister at the centre of the story with at least fifteen musical numbers in the film.

According to Variety the script was written by Tyger Williams, the writer of Menace II Society and comes from an idea by Clint Culpepper who said that he came up with the idea after watching Lil Mamma's music video for Lipgloss. He said of the film:

“Now it's urban...This is the way it should be reimagined in the new millennium.”

Wow, I don't know what to think of this idea, on the one hand I'm tired of all the re-whatever-ing that Hollywood is doing, but on the other hand sometimes they can come up with something enjoyable and entertaining, and just occasionally they hit it right on the mark, and this has a faint aroma of that very situation.

Clueless worked superbly well because they steeped it in the culture of the time. Perhaps that's what they are going to do here, and if they manage to capture the tone just right for the audience it could become a hit.



A hip-hop musical Emma.

Jesus Christ...even just a token measure of respect for classic literature would be nice.

I am with you on that Jim.


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