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Austin Powers 4?

AustinPowers.jpgSurprise, there's talk of another old franchise restarting, and this is one that's been talked about many times before, Austin Powers, with talk of an Austin Powers 4 film.

There's nothing much known about it as yet, just that the film is being talked about. Previously the rumour was that the film would concentrate on the enemies of Austin, now though it's unclear.

We have heard, I've grabbed AICN as the source for this one, that Mike Myers and Jay Roach (who will be directing it seems) have the script done and are looking for a suitable Austin Powers female sidekick. They claim Gisele Bundchen is the one in the frame, but personally I can't see that they would be looking for someone this quickly. That is unless the film is on a fast track and they're already at the casting stage.

I'm unsure though as I think the studio will be a little concerned right now as to how The Love Guru is going to play out and would want to see that proven before returning to Austin Powers, what do you think? Would you want to see a return to the series regardless?



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