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Babylon A.D. not getting destroyed?

BabylonAD.jpgThe news about the Babylon A.D. film being heavily cut may have been over exaggerated - surprisingly for the Internet, the home of the wild rumour - as even more rumours come out today to suggest that the European version of the film isn't as long as a hundred and sixty minutes as was first suggested, but more like a hundred and five.

With the UK cut being quoted as ninety minutes by the BBFC, that seems a lot less than we first thought, and frankly cutting over an hour from a film would surely have destroyed it.

Today Twitch has the story from filmsactu.com that the European cut of Babylon A.D. is much more at the hundred minute mark. However there's nothing to confirm that and so we have to choose the lesser of the two rumour evils.

Me, I'm inclined to go for this one. Surely they couldn't expect to cut over an hour from a film and expect it to play successfully? Well actually stranger things have happened haven't they? What makes it harder to accept this new rumour is that the original one regarding the very long European cut of the film came from Michelle Yeoh, one of the stars of the film.

So who's right, and if this new rumour is true does this mean the European version is getting cut too? Oh someone from the film tell us what's going on, actually I would have thought they would have leapt to the defense of the film long before now.



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