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Billy Graham biographical film

BillyGraham.jpgNow this makes a biographical film, and for those abusing me on the Brand biography story you should have a look at the life of the evangelistic preacher Billy Graham that is to become a film with Martin Landau, Armie Hammer and Lindsay Wagner leading the cast.

He has been a spiritual advisor to a number of U.S. presidents (explains a lot really) and is perhaps the most famous religious preacher there is, having preached to huge audiences worldwide and converted millions of people.

Filming actually started this week on Billy: The Early Years according to Variety, implying that there might well be a franchise coming, not of the likes of The Graham Ultimatum, but we could expect a couple more biographical films of the man to emerge, especially with the audience he gathers around the world.

Variety tell us that Armie Hammer is playing the young Billy Graham, and while it does sound like a television film, I suspect if done just right we could see a number of films coming out about the man.

According to Wikipedia Billy Graham has preached to more people in the world than any other person who has every lived.

I wonder if we're seeing films made of the life of such preachers that we might get to see a film made of such famous and well respected people on the other side of the fence such as Richard Dawkins? No...I thought not.



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