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Chronicles of Narnia isn't dead?

TheChroniclesofNarniaI_Poster.jpgI really thought that The Chronicles of Narnia series was done after the third film, as far as Disney were concerned anyway. Yes they originally announced that they were going to film all seven books in some unusual order, but word has been coming out for some time that these two films we're going to see are the last.

Even one of the producers from the series said that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader would be the last Narnia film. Now though that very producer is going back on what he said, and back big style, he's even talking about a list of directors he has for the next film.

Previously rumours had been heading around the Interflab that the third film was it for the series and Disney were planning on dropping it after that. That was denied by Disney and then Mark Johnson stood up at the New York Comic Con and said that there were no plans to go ahead with another film – that news came from First Showing.

Well I'd say that was conclusive, although to be fair “no plans” is most definitely not the studio dumping the franchise.

Now though, that very same producer is talking about moving forward, and on MTV Movies Blog he reveals that he has a list of directors that he wants to continue the series with and that they'd like to do a Harry Potter and select a new director for each step of the series.

So perhaps they are going to go with all seven books after all, and choosing a new director each time is the perfect way to keep the franchise fresh, as long as they chose the right director and keep it changing. There's no point just picking anyone, they should think unusual choices and take chances with the franchise.

What do you think, is this Harry Potter move the way to keep the Narnia franchise going? Is there a need to keep it going? Frankly I'm struggling to find the desire for Prince Caspian based on the footage I've seen.



I think the Narnia series is very much alive, and I think Prince Caspian is going to be great. The articles about Dawn Treader being the last has been nothing more than rumour, and as such I'll take it as no more than that and look forward to seeing all 7 books to film.

Also - the order they're making the movies in is the publication order! :-)

Oh, I love, love, love the Narnia books, I read them all in 2 days! I can't wait for Prince Caspian to be released.


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