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Closing Credits: Charlton Heston

CharltonHeston.jpgCharlton Heston passed away on Saturday night, at his home, with his wife by his side.

The man was an acting legend and appeared in some amazing epic films including Ben-Hur and the Ten Commandments.

Looking back to his acting career, instead of his later non-acting activities, he starred in so many classic films and roles that he became a screen legend, possibly one of the biggest and most recognisable faces and voices on the big screen.

Personally I remember films such as The Greatest Show on Earth, Cecil B. DeMille's fantastic film about the life of circus people travelling from show to show and starring the other great acting talent of James Stewart. I loved that film.

The next big film I remember was The Ten Commandments, and that was a huge epic. Playing Moses in the huge film by Cecil B. DeMille charting the story of Moses and starring a host of big names.

Touch of Evil is another interesting film in his career, probably more famous for being an Orson Welles film than having Heston in the lead, his character does stand out in the film.

Then of course there was Ben-Hur, that classic film that is perhaps his most well known.

El Cid is a film I remember vaguely, having seen it on afternoon television some time ago, but I remember little about it. The same goes for The Greatest Story Ever Told, an epic tale of the life of Jesus.

However if we're talking iconic parts from the man you have to have Planet of the Apes on the list, as well as The Omega Man. Both films are ranking at the top of his most classic of roles, and it's hard to beat these films. Sure both could have been done better, and some may argue that his characters are always the same, but the films are superbly entertaining, and his characters are great to watch on screen.

Soylent Green probably goes a little against the grain for what someone might think the Heston characters and performances should be. Here he plays a role that is similar to the one from Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man, and provides a very strong emotional closure for the story.

The following few films that continue that trend of picking some unlikely roles are The Three Musketeers and sequel, The Awakening and True Lies. All three are other notable roles that I really enjoyed seeing him in and all gave something a little different from the legendary actor.

What are your favourite Charlton Heston performances?

Actor Charlton Heston



His role in PLANET OF THE APES is what I instantly think of. It's a such a great movie to grow up with as a kid.

And his cameo in the remake was one of the few bright sparks of that awful film.

And even though I enjoyed I AM LEGEND, his depiction, mannerisms and the general look of Robert Neville in THE OMEGA MAN is what I think of when I read any of Matheson's work, it just felt so right.

Enjoyed his performance in SOYLENT GREEN too and obviously the epics go without saying.

My first exposure to Mr Heston's talent was in The Ten Commandments which was shown almost every Lenten season back in the Philippines, which my family saw quite religiously before the betamax became a necessary commodity. And then there's Soylent Green which is a huge favorite of my mum.

I recently picked up Ben-Hur in the sales and glad that I have. His huge talent and influence will be missed.

Rest in peace.

I've been expecting this sad news for some time now. Heston starred in a clutch of my favourite movies and he'll be missed.

Touch of Evil, The Big Country, Ben Hur, El Cid, Planet of the Apes, Solyent Green.

Simone, I misread your post as stating that "Solyent Green" was a favourite of yours. I would be surprised if you had seen it. It's worth seeing just for Edward G Robinson's death scene. (No, I'm not being morbid, watch the movie to see what I mean.)

I've watched two of his movies recently, "The Omega Man" which is somewhat disappointing and his excellent performance in an unusual Western called "Will Penny".

You know Will Penny rang a bell with me, I'm sure I've seen that before, but I just can't remember it.

I picked the DVD of Will Penny up on the cheap, Richard. It's a low key western with a strong romantic sub-plot and a nice supporting cast...


I believe it was Heston's own personal favourite performance.

Confession, stil not seen "The Ten Commandments"!

How has nobody mentioned his cameo in Wayne's World 2?!

Sure, it was comedic and tongue-in-cheek but he knocked it out of the park!

R.I.P. Mr. Heston

He also did a guest appearance in FRIENDS opposite Joey (Matt Le Blanc's character) which was quite funny.

First time I say him in a movie was in Bowling For Columbine and heard whah happened bout his gun rallies after kids were killed and it made me rather dislike him, not saying he wasnt a good actor though Ive only seen two of his movies.

first William F. Buckley and now this. My heroes are going away, one by one.

May the world remember this man for all that he had the courage to do and stand up for, against the grain, damn the torpedoes, for better or for worse. I can't think of a single movie of his that I didn't enjoy, though i'm not so familiar with his cinema roles as I was his personal life and politics.

He leaves behind a loving wife and children. And he can say he did what he always thought was right. I only hope when I go, i can follow his example.


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