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Cloverfield 2 casting?

Cloverfield.jpgCould the Cloverfield sequel already be looking at casting? From reports on the Interflad it would seem that there are a couple of names being considered, or at least the ruour has been spread to try and get them back on board.

Yet the strange thing is it's not at all who you would expect it to be.

Naturally you might think that the rumours are around the leads of the first film, Rob and Beth, but not so. This rumour is touting Jessica Lucas, who played Lily Ford, and Mike Vogel, who played Jason Hawkins, as the first to be talked about in regards returning for the sequel.

Funny thing is I can't remember what happened to Lily, and didn't Jason disappear across the bridge to be assumed dead because it collapsed? Am I right on that?

I do find it a little strange that it's these two in the rumours, but then if they are true then they have to start talking to some of the cast, and if true we have to realise that this could be early sounding out just to see where it would fit.

So let's not get too excited at the rumour from io9 through Moviehole.

However I think this is far from the truth, and if it is even close to reality I can imagine that they've maybe been asked in passing, or when Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) was much more of a go than it is now - you'll probably know that Matt Reeves has his Invisible Woman film to get going first, so the wait for more concrete information may be a little longer than expected. After all, we don't even know if they have an idea for the sequel yet.



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