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Cloverfield alternate endings

Cloverfield.jpgTwo alternative endings from the DVD release of Cloverfield have appeared online, and while they came online the other day they were quickly removed from You Tube.

I caught these this morning and they were still working, although I've been delayed from putting them online. So get yourselves in and check them out before they go, and if they do then let me know and I'll see if I can track more down.

The two endings for Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) are actually rather disappointing because there are no real changes from the original story.

The first one is a different final flashback to a subway station, nothing really surprising there, and the second includes a very brief shot of someone picking up the damaged camera and a face. Might be worth trying to freeze frame on the DVD and see if it's a recognisable one, otherwise there's nothing much to it.

These latest two versions were caught on YouTube through JustPressPlay. Let's hope they stay up long enough for you to see them.

Personally I'd have liked more of a suggestion that there were other survivors and there was something more to come from the monster, what would you have liked to have seen from your alternative ending?



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