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Condoleeza Rice and Tony Blair in Stone's Bush

ThandieNewton.jpgOliver Stone has cast the actor to play Condoleeza Rice in his upcoming film about George W. Bush, simply titled W, and there's a name being banded around to play British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

It's none other than Thandie Newton, who not only seems a good choice facially, but is actually a strong actress when she gets a good role behind her.

Not only that but the word is that Ioan Grufford is being looked to for the role of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Now I find that one really quite a strange choice, after all Michael Sheen has been playing the character in a number of films as well as on stage, so why wouldn't they pick the most recognisable actor for the role?

Still, I think Grufford could take the part and make it his own, however is there much for him to do, and does he really look the part as much as Sheen does?

Thandie Newton as Condoleeza Rice seems an interesting choice too, as the report from The Hollywood Reporter through Latino Review announces. There are some that say she isn't a great actress, but I tend to think she hasn't been given the best roles. Crash was definitely her finest moment to date, but her career is littered with ups and downs.

This Bush film is looking very strongly cast, I just hope that the script is on a par with the casting and that Oliver Stone doesn't shy away from any political or studio pressure to tell the whole story of W.



i hope he doesn't do the hollywood cash in and go for Bush's juggular like so many filmmakers are doing these days. I trust Stone, hesitantly, to portray the administration in an "all's fair" light, with frankness and candid maturity. Show the flaws. The warts and all. but be fair to truth.

Interesting casting...but who's going to play Bush? just for $#!&$ and giggles i think they should cast Sean Penn in the role and watch him squirm.

seriously, though. i can't think of anyone who could pull off Bush. Let alone that no one in Hollywood really looks like him. but who would touch the role if Stone ISNT going to "stone" him to death cinematically?

Tommy Lee Jones springs to mind, but he'd need tons of make up.

Mogulus, you must have missed the previous updates, it's Josh Brolin!


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