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Daniel Craig to stay as Bond

DanielCraig.jpgThere's been a lot of speculation about Daniel Craig as Bond and whether he would remain on as the character, for some they thought he might give up after the first, and now the belief is that he'll stay for a trilogy, however he's recently said that he's likely to stay on longer.

With his roles continuing to be so diverse and him keeping such an active career outside of the Bond series the speculation has been high of him leaving.

However in a recent comment in the British tabloid paper The Sun through Digital Spy the actor said:

“Until my joints go I will keep going as Bond. I have no intention of giving up just yet.”

There's nothing totally concrete there, but it is suggesting that Daniel Craig is going to be around for a bit longer than perhaps just three, and maybe he'll be around for as long as Pierce Brosnan was.

Would you like to have Craig as Bond for longer, or are you hankering after an old Bond actor or a new face?



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