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Deception Quicktime trailer online

TheTourist.jpgRecently we saw the flash trailer for Deception, the thriller starring Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams, Maggie Q and a host of other names including Natasha Henstridge. Now though the Quicktime version has been released online, and it's looking good.

I do like the dynamic from these two characters and the actors behind them, and the bevy of gorgeous ladies behind them doesn't look bad either.

The trailer for Deception is over at Apple Trailers [Quicktime:iPod:S:M:L] and has a really nice look to the poster as well.

I was initially thinking that Michelle Williams was a strange choice when compared to the other stunning women in the film, not that she's not beautiful, but she's a more realistic and obtainable beauty than the other ladies, and then I answered my own question. That's probably why Ewan McGregor's slightly geeky character falls for her.

What's interesting from the picture is the question it raises - is she really falling for him?

The plot sees an accountant being introduced to a sex club by a new found friend of a high flying attorney. The club is known as The List, operates just that, a list. When you're name comes up you are paired with the next woman on the list, you meet, have sex, and that's that. No ties.

For some that sounds a dream. However when the accountant becomes involved in a murder as the prime suspect he finds that his friends aren't all they seem to be and there might be more going on than he first realised.



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