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Emotional Arithmetic trailer online

ChristopherPlummer.jpgThere's a trailer online for Emotional Arithmetic, the film about concentration camp victims who are re-united forty years after their harrowing experiences.

The cast is stunning, featuring Susan Sarandon, Gabriel Byrne, Max Von Sydow and the superb Christopher Plummer.

Susan Sarandon plays the wife of Christopher Plummer's character, while she struggles with a difficult emotional state of mind he is a serial cheater who's affairs have really destroyed their marriage.

Gabriel Byrne plays a journalist who is intrigued with holocaust survivors and their struggle with why they were saved, while Max Von Sydow plays a heroic dissident who was a long term patient in a Soviet psychiatric hospital and twice lost his family and saved them from the horrors of the war.

Unfortunately I've not been able to see it as yet, I had problems with my flash player at home, and that's the other thing, you need a standalone flash player to be able to watch this. Just search for FLV Player and make sure you pick the free one.

You can download the trailer from CinemaClock [Flash] through Movie-List Forums. Let me know what it's like as I won't be able to see it until this evening. The cast and the subject matter look very interesting, with Byrne and Plummer in there I'm really keen to see this, both are in my favourite actors list.



I must apologise for missing out Roy Dupuis from that cast list.

Having a look at the trailer gives mixed feelings for me, the cast looks great and there seems to be a lot of the relationships between them, but the trailer doesn't seem to give us anything.


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