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Farmhouse trailer online

Farmhouse.jpgI just caught this trailer for a film called Farmhouse online today, and while it doesn't blow me away and reminds me a lot of Vacancy, it does have some interesting turns to it and some nice moments in the trailer.

It stars Kelly Hu, Drew Sidora, Steven Weber and William Lee Scott, and tells the story of a couple who leave to escape their past and on the way to their new life have a car accident. They head to a nearby farmhouse for help but find something much worse.

I have to say the cheese grater scene looks really painful and I'm not sure if I could really stomach it on screen. Mind you I thought that about a lot of scenes in horror films and they've turned out to be superb moments.

It's not a stellar cast, and the director and writer don't have many credits behind them other than Lake Dead, but this does look as though it has some promise in the slow reveals of the couple's stories.

Have a look at the trailer for Farmhouse through Movie-List Forums in Quicktime Large, Medium and Small, as well as 420p, 720p and 1080p.



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