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Fast and Furious plot reveals

VinDiesel-PaulWalker.jpgI'll warn you up front that this latest big plot reveal is pretty, well, revealing. Although it appears to be one of the early opening scenes and a big instigating moment for bringing the characters back together, it still is a spoiler.

Not only does an inside source from the film reveal it, but a site actually has a photograph of the location during filming that could well be complete confirmation.

So if you don't want to know any more about the opening plot of Fast and the Furious 4 then turn away now.

It seems that the opening scenes will have the return of Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, although she won't be around for long as it is her funeral scene we saw earlier on in the fan captured material, and it is her funeral at the start of the film which triggers Dom, played once more by Vin Diesel, into tracking down Brian, played again by Paul Walker.

So there we have it, and you can see the funeral pictures with the mourners wearing "Remember Letty" T-Shirts over at BeyondHollywood.com through AICN.

The person that wrote into AICN with the story also says that Justin Lin has the desire to make one more Fast and the Furious after this film. Now that could mean one of two things, it's a plea to the fan base to see this film and to make the returns so that the studio green light another one, or it could be a plea to the fans to go see this and to make the returns so that the studio green light another one.

Wait a minute, that's the same. I was trying to say that he's either saying that to make the film popular, or he's saying that in order for the studio to allow another film, because this one is popular...is anyone following what I'm saying...because I think I've just lost it.



I just heard yesterday that Lil Wayne are in negotiations to be in this film....here is the link....http://www.sixshot.com/articles/11207/

oh snap... come to think of it i can see him doing a better job than bow wow.


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