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Film looks to London bombings

LondonBombing.jpgJagmohan Mundhra is the director to bring the first film about the London suicide bombings on the 7th of July, the film is set to star Brian Cox, Greta Scacchi, Sadie Frost and Om Puri, the actor who was the head of the family in East in East.

Shoot on Sight takes it's title from the order that the London armed police were given following the attacks. The film will concentrate on the ongoing threat from British terrorists who are linked to fundamentalist groups.

Shoot on Sight is the first film that really looks to the London suicide bombings, and in the coming years we're liable to see the first film about the Lockerbie terrorist bombing. It seems that there aren't that many films that really address these events, whereas a number of films have already been made about the New York September 11th attacks.

Jagmohan Mundhra believes that the attacks really changed Londoners' feelings and treatment towards Asians, and he wanted to show how those attitudes have changed and how that affects Asians. Through The Hollywood Reporter and The Guardian he said:

"Having lived and worked in London for many years, I became very aware of and affected by how peoples' attitudes were changing towards me…Taxi drivers would not stop for me in the days following 7/7, and I could completely understand why.

The fact that I had always found London to be an extremely culturally tolerant city made this change in atmosphere all the more shocking."

What I find the more shocking, and in a positive way, is that Mundhra understood why and took the time to do just that. That says a lot about how the film will explore the situation and events and where the sympathies may lie - with everyone.

Personally I believe we should examine these events and discuss them, whether it be in film or not, and I do welcome this joint production more than a British or American only view, especially with the mix of talent attached.

According to IMDB the film will follow the events after the attacks through the eyes of a Asian policeman working on the London police force, an interesting angle from which to view the real life events.



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