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Ford wanted Solo dead

HanSolo.jpgHarrison Ford has revealed that he asked George Lucas to kill off Han Solo in either The Empire Strikes Back or The Return of the Jedi because it would have made the story better. However we all know that Lucas didn't, and the reason?

He wanted to sell more toys. However Ford didn't.

Now that's not really a surprise as we can now all see that George Lucas was building an empire, and not one to rival that of the Sith, oh no, he wanted one of merchandising and spin off's, something he's managed to do really well.

The story comes directly from Harrison Ford himself through The Guardian.

So take a minute and imagine that Lucas couldn't stop Ford's idea and in fact embraced it, let's imagine for a moment that they had killed Han Solo, wouldn't it have made the series even better?

I think it would have. Luke and Leia would have had more motive and emotional turmoil in their lives, and it could have fitted well with the darker theme for the rest of the original series. Let's face it, wasn't Solo's character a little superfluous in the end anyway?

It could have worked, and for another thing it could have made the character of Han Solo an even stronger one. Don't you agree? Shouldn't they have killed Han Solo?



Yeah, thinking about it if Solo did die then the focus could of been more on the Skywalkers - a family torn apart and then over time and space reunited.

I must admit though, I'm not a huge Han Solo fan anyway :)

Oh I liked him in the first and then his character did become a bit like "wheel him in, we have a difficult moment" or just the antagonist in the three way relationship.

Although I loved the Skywalkers, I thought Han Solo was a more interesting character, when he was carbon freezed in The Empire Strikes Back, the wait to see him again in Return of the Jedi was absolutely worth it. And nope, I didnt want him dead either.


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