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Frank Miller wants his Hard Boiled

HardBoiled.jpgFrank Miller has been talking about his own projects again, and this time how he wants to direct his comic series Hard Boiled on the big screen and that he has a unique way of filming it.

This is before he's completed his first directorial outing of The Spirit so there's a lot of faith there with the studio and his existing film. Of course that's not the only film version of his work he's been talking about, he says that there are going to be two more Sin City films and Ronin is in early development as well, so there could be the push to bring more of Miller's work to the cinema.

Hard Boiled though might be the hardest to get made because of the level of violence in it, Cinema Blend tell us that this comic is considered to be the most violent comic series there is - something I'm not entirely sold on as I've heard that before about other comic series.

Of course look at Wanted and how that's been sheened over for a Hollywood version, not that I'm saying the film isn't going to be great, it's just been polished over and made much more cinema friendly than the original, so there's no guarantee that this will stay the hard edged story it is now.

The story of Hard Boiled (Amazon.co.uk/ Amazon.com) is about a man who discovers that he's actually not a bad insurance salesman but in fact a robot assassin, the best there is, and he's the last chance for his robot brethren to survive against mankind.

Talking of Wanted...No, I'm sure there are plenty of difference and Frank Miller's unusual take will have given something very different and so on to the big screen. Yet I really don't think we'll see this greenlit until The Spirit has proven itself, and frankly as a first full directorial credit outing, I'd have thought this story would have more of a chance of box office success in today's market than The Spirit.



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