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Freight Dogs sounds familiar?

AirAmerica.jpgWith the news that 20th Century Fox have picked up the rights to a Vogue article called Anything, Anywhere, Anytime about daredevil cargo pilots called Freight Dogs, my memory was sparked off.

Could this be a similar film to Air America? The film that saw the excellent pairing of Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. as pilots in a private air freight business flying cargo in and out of Vietnam for the CIA?

I think it does sound very familiar, sure the article is about the real freight dogs, but Variety through Coming Soon say that Fox is turning it into an action thriller about these pilots who carry absolutely anything from exotic animals to exotic cars to anywhere in the world.

Actually tying this in with a modern war zone doesn't seen that far fetched, do you think they might go the whole hog and just make it shipping bizarre things in and out of Afghanistan/Iraq?

You know though, for making these comparisons and saying it's been done before it's not a bad idea if this film does get made. It's not a remake, just a similar idea, and even Air America could work with an update.



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