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Fuqua's Brooklyn's Finest character reveals

AntoineFuqua.jpgAntoine Fuqua's latest film is Brooklyn's Finest starring Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke and Don Cheadle. It sounds an excellent line up, and if you head back in Fuqua's career you'd be as interested as I am in this line up.

We didn't really know that much about the plot until now, as some pages from the script are revealed online and give away the character details, and therefore some of the plot.

The rundown is this. There are three characters, a tired and bitter cop about to retire, a rookie cop who is an ex-Marine, an undercover cop who is scared of losing touch with who he really is, and a man struggling to survive and care for his family who comes across a bagful of drug money.

There's further elaboration on the characters over at Cinema Blend who have the script reveals, with the retiring cop, who we heard was to be played by Richard Gere, being a drunk and seeking solace with prostitutes while ignoring his own wife and buying time till he can get out of the force. He's been given a rookie partner who's all gung-ho and eager to get on with the job.

The undercover cop is losing touch with reality from so many years undercover and wants to get a real job based back at a desk. However the FBI and his superiors are trying to get him to roll over on someone who he believes is innocent but they want for a crime.

It seems that they all come together in some way over this money, all probably having their own motives for wanting it, and conflicting in some way. Really the rest is conjecture on what you read of the characters.

Although I do agree with CB that the plot for Brooklyn's Finest sounds very similar to other films, it's fair to say that the plot sounded that way for Training Day initially, but the treatment came out way different and rather exciting. There's also the much washed over Tears of the Sun that he directed, a film I really did enjoy and thought was a very positive follow up to Training Day.

Sure Antione Fuqua has had a rough career since, but here it seems as though he's returning to his roots of the film which really pushed him to the fore. Perhaps heading this direction again, and combining this superb cast, will give him the hit he could well do with.



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