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Ghost in the Shell live action film

GhostintheShell.jpgSteven Spielberg has helped ensure that the long awaited live action adaptation of the Japanese animated film Ghost in the Shell will happen by bringing it over to DreamWorks and getting Avi Arad on board to produce the film.

We first heard about the film in January 2007, and nothing since. Perhaps now it's finally going to get its chance.

The original Ghost in the Shell is set in the year 2029 and the world has become a huge information network with humans being active connections. Crime is now no longer petty and it is virtual and sophisticated. Section 9 is created to try and prevent and capture these criminals from entering the network, criminals who have developed super strengths and abilities. One criminal nicknamed the Puppet Master, is the latest target of the police.

There's no word in the story from Bloody Disgusting through Twitch if Steven Spielberg will be directing as well, but the chances are he won't be, after all there's a lot on his slate right now, but then there's the question of why he stepped in and pulled it over to DreamWorks - was that just to get the project there, or to have a hand in directing it?

Either way the fact that this is going to DreamWorks is big, and this live action film could look spectacular, then if Spielberg directs it, it could turn out wonderfully…or saying that it could also end up being far too child friendly and nowhere near as dark enough.



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