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G.I. Joe character images online

GIJoe-Scarlett.jpgThere are images of the G.I. Joe characters online right now, and these images don't seem to be going anywhere. They show pretty much the whole cast with Scarlett (pictured here), Hawk, Duke, Baroness, Lady Jaye, Storm Shadow, and Ripcord all shown in rather large jpeg glory.

The costumes are looking great if nothing else, and Rachel Nichols looks fantastic in that outfit. The big question though is will the film?

I've been in two minds about this from the beginning, but these little glimpses and some of the names involved have me wondering if there really is a strong story in here and it's not going to end up a cartoon version of the, well, cartoon.

You can see all the images over at Fandomania in much larger sizes.

Now I know there are many fans of G.I. Joe out there, so tell us, are these living up to your expectations? They do look great costumes, but costumes do not make a film by no means.



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