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Greatest American Hero details

GreatestAmericanHero.jpgA few details have leaked out about the film version of the superb television series The Greatest American Hero, but I do hasten to add they are a very few details.

Still, we get to hear a little of what the additional bad guy character is going to turn out to be.

It seems that the film version will change a few things from the television series and not minor things either. The first is that there's a big baddie, another teacher at the school, and the second is that the hero himself, Ralph Hinkley, will not just have the power of flight.

According to Moviehole who talked with a friend who's a casting director and has some inside knowledge on the film, tells us that not only will Hinkley be able to fly with his superhero powers but he'll also have the ability to burst into flames, just like that bloke from the Fantastic Four.

However for me it's the news that his enemy is going to be a single, normal bloke. Another teacher at the school where Hinkley teaches is Harve Lundy, a fat thirty-five year old teacher who pushes his pupils desks to the back of the class and sits his desk on a raised platform above them. I guess this suggests that he's a bit of a nasty teacher.

With the details of the story under wraps it's not really clear if there are going to be changes about how Hinkley gains his powers – in the series he was given a suit by aliens in order for him to become a hero, but on the way he loses the instruction manual.

The other question is how the bad guy is going to measure up to him. Previously he just fought different dangers every episode, and as far as I can remember he found new strengths of the suit as the series moved forward.

This film version sounds a little more down to earth and does seem to be smelling as though there's going to be a lot of change from the series, and why is that such a problem? We see so many remakes that are just the same with scene by scene as the original and they're pretty much awful, isn't it the change that can make these better films?

Well that is true, but the original television series of The Greatest American Hero was so strong for the story it had and it was a simple formula, should they really change things around?

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I've said this before and I'll say this again: This is not, not, NOT an official report about the project - reason, there is no official source quoted, and never has been. This is the same hearsay that we've gotten for "The A-Team," which BTW is the only SJC endeavor that I know of that's proceeding as planned for a film. It's also the only one with an official release date (or estimated one).

An official source is from SJC productions, not "Was speaking to a casting director friend today... According to my friend-who-should-know." I sent an e-mail to Cannell Productions and they said that they're doing something in house, but it's a WIP and nothing else.

Plus, why spoil the "new story plot" with by revealing tidbits such as "Pam's son" and an evil teacher with names. Right now, I read this a lot as someone using "Sky High" ideas and theming it with "GAH." I mean, what have evil teacher when they had in the series at *worst* mafia men and ninjas? An evil teacher is a downturn big time, and wouldn't need Bill Maxwell. Also, giving Ralph a Fantastic Four power (the bursting into flames) when DC comics sued SJC in the '80s for thinking Ralph was Superman is going to cause problems. (I know, "Four" is Marvel, but same cause and reason).

Again, I feel a lot of this is currently because of the fanfilm production called "TGAH 2008," and people confusing it as a legit movie being produced.

That project not official, never has been and personally, I truly believe is now defunct as they've said nothing to try and attract fans and this is a way to draw attention to it in literally months. But, I've also noticed these rumors tend to pop up when they're either going to say something or people happen upon the "TGAH 2008" board.

Until SJC's company says anything or it comes from an official cited source, not "Talking to a friend," don't believe this story.

Hey melmac, I think it's pretty obvious this isn't an official report from the film, I'm quite clear on that during the opening statements and link.

This isn't the same as the A-Team, that film has a director, script in progress, we have loads more information on that production.

Why spoil the plot? Well it's Hollywood, that's what they do. Commercialise a project and try and make as much money from it as they can.

Yes, I understand this is not "The A-Team." I'm a fan of both shows, plus the point there was to show that it's the only official SJC production that has the big screen greenlight. "GAH" hasn't gotten that anywhere.

But point is here this is more than likely a FAKE rumor. The information that is being used that even started this film rumor was on a blank URL, and there were no links to it anywhere I've seen (i.e. what we're getting with MovieHole, etc.) It just was a bunch of simple text typed up on a page.

That said, I really think people are getting this confused with a fanfilm production called "TGAH 2008," which features a female wearer. That production has never been an official continuation (or original for that matter, which they tout), never will be.

However, the problem is that this movie rumor says it's going to start filming in *July 2008.* "TGAH 2008" is starting to show their episodes *July 2008.* Coincidence? - I really think not.

Plus, that project's site looks like it could be an official movie Web site (to the point at one time they had an MPAA rating lifted from "Bridge to Terabithia"), that if someone searched for the endeavor, that site could pop up and again confuse people as to if it's the official movie. That might be their point too, given that Google's ads will tout "TGAH 2008" as the "largest fan-based community" for the show - which is not correct.

Until Variety or a real news web site (things like this are more blogging sites), I wouldn't believe this movie rumor for a moment. It's happened one too many times to believe.

There's no such thing as a fake rumour, just rumour.

Clint over at Moviehole is actually in the business, and I think he's a pretty good source of information for the most part. If he's wrong, then at least he's helped raise awareness of a potential project based on the series.

I'd be careful of your belief in Variety as the be all and end all of news, they've been as wrong as much as the rest of the film sites on the Internet, and in some pretty big ways.

What I would like to find out from SJC Productions is who owns the current rights and if it is them, then where they are with a possible film.

I've never heard of the fan film before, I better off and investigate!

I want to make it clear I don't doubt the writer, just the information he was given. This is not the first time that these rumors have been touted, as if you do a search, we've had rumors about the show becoming a film since at least 2002.

I use fake rumor - even if it's improper grammar, when I feel that a rumor is so ludicrous to even be a rumor.

That said, I feel he has been given fake information. Plus, I have yet to find the original URL site that had this information, which makes me skeptical about the veracity of the rumors to begin with. Plus, as a newsperson myself, if I read anything that said a "friend who-should-know" I would read it as dubious as far as the veracity of the rumor. That may not be his intent, but that's how it comes across.

Third, I have a reason to believe it's fake because if they were serious about letting Ralph turn into a human torch, Marvel Comics would be on their hides with a lawsuit. This case, they'd have strong evidence that this is infringement, contrary to the Superman debacle back in the 1980s. So, if this rumor is real, the producers are being IMHO very unwise with this idea.

Plus, I do have a case to as far as this being fake. I e-mailed Cannell's production site when these first came out (prior to this story) and they said they're doing something in-house, but there was NO film start date scheduled as of now. SJC productions is NOT Touchstone, so again, I have reason to believe this is inaccurate.

One thing I noticed when these rumors began again, a badboyedge4life had brought it up on another board, and then the URL that had this information appeared. Soon, the rumors spread like wildfire. The July dates are way too coincidental for mine and many "GAH" fans' liking. That said, BadBoy was a member for the Fanfilm production (though I have reason to believe we were lied to that he was fired for leaking information), so this again makes this very dubious in my opinion.

He and others from the "TGAH 2008" group (i.e. brianpadraic, who is a writer for that project) also are well-known trolls, spouting many false claims about that endeavor that people around the Internet have picked up. If you do a search of brianpadraic's handle, you'll read some that are very interesting. My favorite is DC comics apparently drawing their comic book - especially given the suits back then. :P

When I was saying Variety - I should've clarified the print version, which is more often than not accurate. Plus, the only cast call listings I've read anywhere for a "The Greatest American Hero" project were for the "TGAH 2008" fanseries production. Again, neither are the same.

Point is, there has been no official news about this project from any normal trustworthy news site - just general blogging ones such as this. It's not been on AP, Reuters, Universal Press Syndicate, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, SJC's Web site (which I also was told that it'd be announced on that site - surely they'd be legit. ;) ) - none.

I do know that Disney owns filming rights (this can be confirmed), but Cannell does have copyright too.

Two reason I belive he still owns the rights - one, he wouldn't be able to sell the DVDs (it also has "1983 Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Inc. All rights reserved" on the packages) and two "TGAH 2008" asked them for permission and were turned down. I noticed too that endeavor also removed the teardrops from the suit emblem. Why bother doing that if SJC didn't have some ownership of trademark? I feel it's to avoid copyright infringement when they try to sell their project, which they're not if the Pokemon suits are any indication.

Now, as far as "TGAH 2008," I'd highly advise that you don't bother doing any investigation - You'll be greatly disappointed. Even this movie idea's better - and that's saying something. "TGAH 2008" is pretty much a dead duck in the water from what I've seen. They've been mum for the past two months on that project, inspite of claims by their producer he'd do a blog. We've heard zilch about it, even with people prodding for information.

I have reason to believe that production has been stopped, and quite frankly, I'm not surprised for many reasons. There was potential for that project to turn out good, but there have been a lot of secrecy, contradictions, and flat out incorrect assumptions of the show to make people want to watch.

When you add the trolling posts being made by one member - and a writer of the project nonetheless, and them wanting to sell their project in defiance of copyright/trademark here (though apparently they realized that lifting the MPAA ratings was infringement because they were removed), all it ends up is being not wother the effort.

Apparently too, "TGAH 2008" is dead in the water. It's been two weeks since they posted up five minutes of their first episode, and nothing else. Apparently they're trying to find sponsors to tout their endeavor, but I think it's not happening anymore. Something's up when it takes "over 20 hours" to re-edit an already edited episode into parts but only post up part one.

Isn't that a shame? I mean if we're not getting an official version a fan version would be a great start?

Richard, they just recently released a story on newsarama, as well as Katt's comic book site (moved direct link to URL section). There IS going to be something official with "Greatest American Hero" that involves the original cast. Can't say much more without spoiling it, so look at the link and you'll see. :)

And, supposedly the fanfilm series will be returning next Thursday. Whether that proves to occur or not will be up to them. I don't get any mail from them anymore, instead deciding to focus on the project going on with Cannell and company, so I can't guarantee it.

Apparently, I'm in error. There was an inquiry made about "TGAH 2008" and this was the response as to its return:


"We've just switched editors so I'm not entirely sure when he will have the next episode up. Each chapter will be around 8-10 min. long. I will send out an email when the next episode is released."


This is interesting given that Collazo himself is listed in the credits as editor in the five minutes of the show that is up online. He however, as far as I've seen, is not involved in the recent new of "The Greatest American Hero" returning, only the original cast and SJC.

Apparently though, we don't know yet when it will be back. It could be tomorrow, next week, whenever.

I apologize for the confusion this may have caused, and thank you for allowing me to clarify.

Melmac - I just deleted your multiple posts and left the last one.

Thanks for the heads up on the official story, I've credited you in the latest article about the live action film, comic series and web/phone series...man they're going to town on it.

Good news though, and I really do hope we see it come back with all the passion from the show.

Not a problem ... glad to be of help. There should be more news tomorrow when they have the event at Comic Con. There's also an interview on newsarama for more information. :)

I have the whole series! I think the 3rd year was the best! All actors and actresses were together. The lines they said were easy flowing. They almost made their characters real! The episodes seem to flow freely verses the 1st and 2nd year.

I got a true sense of confidence from Katt, Culp and Sellecca that year. I hope Speilberg also falls back on his early days of production with ET and Star Wars. I got the vibe that the lastest Speilberg productions were lacking the early creative abilities he had! He is a good person to direct the film. He has my vote!

Hi there! This post couldn't be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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