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Gyllenhaal next rumour on Persia list

JakeGyllenhaal.jpgThere’s another name being banded around as a wild rumour for the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and this one sounds as unlikely as the others, however the Interflab seems to take rumour and studio denials as fact every time, never mind the number of times they’ve been proved wrong before.

So the latest name associated with the role is Jake Gyllenhaal, despite the fact that he’s currently in crutches having hurt his ankle recently.

Now there’s not really an indication of how heavily he’s hurt it, but you can’t imagine that he’d be the ideal choice for such a physical role as Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, a role that needs a lot of leaping about like Parkour.

However again this is a rumour from an unconfirmed source, just as the Orlando Bloom rumour was and the sudden denial comment from the studio about the casting, after all we’ve never heard a studio deny a rumour only to have it become fact later on!

I still think that Bloom is a good choice for the mix, and although Gyllenhaal is also a good bet I do think that his ankle problem might be a bit of a push for the production. Would they take a bet on the guy if he’s just coming off an ankle injury as Latino Review report, or would they just turn everything over to a stunt double?



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