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Hamlet 2 red band trailer

SteveCoogan.jpgOh dear lord. I've just seen the trailer for Hamlet 2 and I'm wondering where the comedy went in Steve Coogan, because it looks like none of it's in the film. In fact the film looks pretty damn terrible.

Not only is the trailer there but the official site carries the horrendous tagline of “One high school drama teacher is about to make a huge number 2”.

It's sniggering school innuendo's wrapped in bricks all the way. The blatant hitting your head and getting knocked out gags, the usual American bodily gag humour, it's all looking incredibly painful.

There are two possible redeeming features though, Catherine Keener and Elisabeth Shue star, however I think not even they can come close to saving this film, it does look dire.

You can see the red band trailer over on the official site through /Film, although you have to do that U.S. age verification on the official site, /Film have ripped that off for you. Me, I can't think of another reason to watch it, apart from hearing the beautiful Elisabeth Shue say the word handjob, and I'm sure even that will be wearing thin already.

Hamlet 2 looks painful and I'm sure rather insulting. Wasn't Steve Coogan funny once?



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