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Hancock extended trailer online

Hancock.jpgWell colour me surprised, I've just watched an extended look at the upcoming anti-superhero film from Peter Berg called Hancock and it's turned around what I was thinking it might all be about.

The film sees Will Smith as a man with superpowers who is struggling with the fame he has. He saves people, but usually with a high collateral cost as his who cares attitude fuelled by self indulgence and drinking has caused him to forget what a real hero is all about.

However he saves a man who works in public relations and in return he offers to save his image. As he hits the lowest point in his life, Hancock takes him up on that and tries to be a better person, a better hero.

Before I was thinking that this was going to be a straight comedy with loads of effects, and really wasn't sure how it was going to come off. Peter Berg had me really interested though, and I am a fan of Will Smith playing it a bit straight. Then there's Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron, and yet I still wasn't totally into the film, I think I just couldn't see the hook in here. Then I saw this footage.

I have to say this has slanted my view of the film somewhat and I'm starting to think this is looking much better than I had first thought. What's interesting me are the scenes where he's trying to make and effort and he's being as politically and legally correct as possible with the police woman before saving her. In a world that has gone insane on political correctness, these scenes had me tickled.

However the other part is that I was concerned it was all going to be about this love triangle and the fact that the superhero has feelings for his publicist's wife, perhaps even having an affair with her, and that really isn't something I thought would hold my interest.

This trailer though, this looks good, and I like the character that Smith is playing, edgy and far from his usual crowd attracting performance. Is it all going to turn out like this though?

Here's the extended look that was on the Disney Channel and now on YouTube through Superhero Hype:

I don't think I want to know what he's done to that guy in prison!



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