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Hartnett's creepy I Come With the Rain trailer

JoshHartnett.jpgJosh Hartnett has been breaking a little from the norm for a number of films now, nothing too dramatic, but enough to make you think that there's something more to this actor who initially seemed like the chiselled heart throb.

Now his latest film, I Come With the Rain, has a teaser trailer online and it's incredibly creepy and pretty damn scary at moments, in fact it's safe to say it's definitely not safe for work.

The film is from the writer/director Anh Hung Tran and follows an ex-LA cop who has become a private investigator in Hong Kong, trying to forget the past that cost him his career and almost his sanity as he became caught up in the hunt for a sadistically sick serial killer.

His latest job is to hunt down the missing daughter of a billionaire and while he's led into the underworld of Hong Kong the memories of his past come back to haunt him.

The trailer for I Come with the Rain is over at Cinema Blend [Flash] looks pretty damn creepy, and those shots of the serial killer's work are pretty freaky. Could this be a great off the wall hit for Josh Hartnett and his growing list of slightly off kilter roles? I think it looks really intriguing.



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