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Has Grand Theft Auto IV got Iron Man worried?

GTAIV.jpgTomorrow sees the release of probably the most anticipated console game this year, Grand Theft Auto IV. And even with the increasing collaboration between the games and film industry, it seems one side is a little worried. The release of Halo 3 last year saw weekend cinema takings drop considerably that weekend, and now the release of GTA IV could have a similar or even worse effect at the box office.

According to The Guardian there are signs the film industry is a little worried, mostly about the effect big game releases could have on their summer blockbusters, for example Iron Man. A corner of the entertainment industry which they perhaps used to look on as a poor relative is now holding it's own, and with a console game costing more than a ticket to the cinema they make big bucks. The arrival of next generation consoles like the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 have also given the games industry a boost.

I reckon there is room for both, even I will have to venture outside at some point after playing GTA IV for large periods of time. But it could be that the film industry may have to accept that big console games, will have an effect on how their films perform, and that they aren't going anywhere. What do you think, is this only a problem when big name games come out? Or will the film industry have to see that they have some serious competition for people's time and money?



I just picked up the Special Edition of GTA 4 and as much as I want to play it tonight Im going to the movies instead though Ive had my ticket to this movie for weeks and although Im going to play it hardcore for the rest of the week I will still go and see all the movies coming out at the cinema this week including Iron Man.

People prioritise when they have options. Us filmstalking types will always stick to out allegances, but as for the average family man impartial to both, perhaps this does affect them, as does weather & numerous other things.. *shrugs*

I should have my copy waiting for me when I get home...Late night tonight then.

I think you're both right people will prioritise and do both. I do think it's interesting though that games like Halo and GTA are competing at least in terms of money made, but also that they even make a dent in opening weekends of films.

Is it any more of a problem when the last Harry Potter book came out, or when a major film goes up against another?

It is interesting that the business of games are creeping up on Hollywood though and starting to have an impact.

I wonder if the games industry is so concerned about film releases?


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