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Hellraiser remake stalls?

Hellraiser.jpgIt seems that the Hellraiser remake isn't going as well as was first thought, as news has come out that both Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are off the project.

They previously directed Inside which has been receiving a lot of positive acclaim and they were writing and set to direct the film but that seems to have all changed.

Originally Clive Barker had written the script for the remake and both Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury were rewriting it to direct. Then there was another delay as it seemed new writers were sent in to rewrite the script.

Now the news comes through Bloody Disgusting and Twitch that they are off the film, and no one yet knows why.

What does this mean for the Hellraiser remake? Probably good news that it won't get remade and we'll be left with the classic original untouched.

What would you rather? That these two new directors showed their talent on this film or that we were left with the original? Chances are it'll still happen with someone else at the helm though, and that might not be so good.



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