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Hugh Jackman talks Wolverine

WolverineOrigins.jpgHugh Jackman has been talking about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Last we heard there were a lot of people being cast as mutants, leading us to wonder how different it would be to the other X-Men films. Jackman has been talking about just that, about the tone of the film, and the likely hood of any more Wolverine films.

Talking to MTV Movies Blog Jackman said the film will be different to the first, but not drastically so. And that the tone of the film will not be unlike a previous big blockbuster.

It feels different, but I don’t think its going be night and day...We are dealing with a character who is probably one of the darker comic book characters ever created. The movie has a lot of fun elements, but there are layers of pain and darkness to this character...Tonally, I would put it more in the ‘Batman Begins’ sort of realm, that’s sort of where we’re headed.

So it looks like it will have a different feel to it than the X-Men films. Interestingly we could also be seeing more Wolverine films in the future as well, depending on two things.

There are two conditions for me doing any more: One is will anybody want to see it, and the second is: Will I still have the passion for it? I really wanted to do this spin-off movie, because I felt we hadn’t truly found who this character was...Right now I feel like I could do another ten or eleven.

Are you up for more Wolverine films, or is that dependent on the success of this one? And is a Magneto film something you're happy to see? Surely the appetite for X-Men films and spin offs has a limit?



Wolverine to me seemed very forced upon the audience to like him, which I have no problem with because I think he is a great character, but to some I think he was very much the focus of the films - the character everyone relied on. Either way I think this film will be really good, and a little reminder of the X-Men films can do no one any harm.

I have to agree with Billy here.

Although I do like Wolverine as a character I still think it's a real shame that Cyclops, who's meant to be the leader of the X-Men was ignored in the films and was only made to look like a jealous boyfriend of Jean Grey. Perhaps they all thought Wolverine was a more complex and interesting character than Cyclops?

I guess it's one of those things that changes when something is adapted for film. Someone somewhere obviously thought Wolverine should be more of a focus of the films.

That's a good thing about the Origin films, if they were to continue past Magneto. The characters that were maybe dwarfed a little in the X-Men films, can be explored in more detail.

It's all looking good for X-Men, apart from the suggested kids ensemble version that's being rumoured, stick to the original characters I say.

Question? If the title of a movie has someones name in it what do you think that movie is going to be about? THEM perhaps. There better be more F**KING X-Men movies! You've got how many years worth of material?

Oh come on 32Darwinit don't be so niave, studios will do anything to hook in an audience.

I agree though, there's tons more about the X-Men, and I still think they can manage more X-Men films with the original cast despite their huge salaries - the returns will be there if they are done right.


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