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Jennifer Lynch's Surveillance trailer online

JuliaOrmond.jpgThe trailer for Jennifer Lynch's latest film Surveillance, her last being Boxing Helena, has arrived online, and it looks as though it follows the same style as the recently released Vantage Point, what is called Rashomon style.

The story follows an FBI agent trying to track down a serial killer with the help of three of his possible victims, and they look to each of them for their wildly different stories to try and pull together the truth.

The film will show the different viewpoints of the killer to try and find the killer. Not only is Jennifer Lynch directing and David Lynch producing, but it also stars Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman, French Stewart from 3rd Rock From the Sun, and Micheal Ironside (welcome back Fisher!).

Surveillance sounds like an interesting idea, and the title seems to focus on the idea of monitoring the witnesses who are each giving their different accounts of the events. Once you've seen the trailer you get an idea of why their accounts are different, as they either have something to hide, or they aren't able to totally articulate what actually happened for some reason.

It looks really interesting and has some really powerful scenes in it. Have a look at the trailer from YouTube through JoBlo and see what you think.

From the cast list and those not seen in the trailer, I'm frantically trying not to guess who the killer is!



Video link wasn't working for me :S

Good news there's a new one out today...will post a brand new article on it in a few moments.


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