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Kapur directs Victorian space pirates

ShekharKapur.jpgHere's an interesting plot line for a story, an alternative universe set in a time period just like our Victorian age where mankind has actually been exploring the solar system since the days of Isaac Newton. The idea then turns a little more towards the norm, but the start is a real kicker.

However to keep the excitement high, Shekhar Kapur is set to direct the fantasy film Larklight along with the writer of Eastern Promises and Shutter Island, Steven Knight.

Steven Knight is adapting the novel from Philip Reeve where in this world a brother and sister team up with a band of space pirates to save the world from a man who is set on destroying it.

Well all I can say is that the opening blurb part of this story carries the film rather than that last paragraph.

Yahoo News reports that Shekhar Kapur told the Indo-Asian News Service that the film will carry a US $200 million budget, a hefty leap from the Elizabeth films. Now that has to get the excitement going again, it does mine.

In a way the blurb reminds me of reading the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels and the idea of mixing modern science and invention with the Victorian era. It sounds like an interesting idea, let's just hope the kids and space pirates bit doesn't lose that aspect. It's certainly going to look lavish with Kapur behind the lens.



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