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Cruise to spy again?

TomCruise.jpgLooks like Tom Cruise is to return to familiar ground in the future, as he is potentially to star in another spy thriller movie. United Artists, the studio he co-owns has got 24 co-creator-exec producer Joel Surnow, Michael Loceff also of 24 and Martin Campbell on board.

According to Variety, the idea is to create another franchise for Tom Cruise, although no one is saying for definite that he will be in it. They are certainly not doing things by half with two of the people responsible for 24, and Campbell who has directed two James Bond films (Golden Eye and Casino Royale) signed up.

I wonder how different it will be to what's already around at the moment though, with 24 still on the go, James Bond going strong and the Bourne series already established. Plus it does seem like he's treading old ground after already being in three Mission Impossible films. But with those people attached to it, and what is sure to be a huge budget, it's sure to be of blockbuster proportions. What do you think, would you be willing to buy into another spy franchise with Cruise?



I believe in Tom Cruise's talent as an actor and I will most definitely watch anything that he will star in, Valkyrie is really making me so excited!


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