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McGregor in Angels & Demons

EwanMcGregor.jpgEwan McGregor might seem a strange choice, but he's in line to join the cast of Angels & Demons should the negotiations go well.

What's more surprising is that the film is still moving forward, because we'd heard so little I thought it had died a death, apparently not, and with this casting it seems like it's going strong.

If Ewan McGregor gets the deal then he'll be playing Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, also known as Janus, who is the late pope's closest aide and who initially helps Robert Langdon, to be played by Tom Hanks.

Yahoo News also tells us that Ayelet Zurer has also signed up to play Langdon's partner in this film, a woman who is trying to uncover the mystery behind her father's murder, sound familiar?

The story is set to follow the novel by Dan Brown and sees Robert Langdon trying to find out who is behind a plot to blow up the Vatican and overthrow the Church, and the signs are beginning to point to an ancient group called the Illuminati.

Well it's interesting casting choice, and far from bad for the film, but is Ewan McGregor really diluting his career and his acting talent by taking these bigger Hollywood roles like Angels & Demons?



I don't think that McGregor is diluting his career and acting talent at all. Sure he's done big Hollywood films here and there, the SW prequels included but all this exposure helped propel him to be a big star in his own right.

One thing I truly admire and like about Ewan is that he has never turned back from his roots, which is his love for theatre and performing arts. Last year he made a big splash by playing Iago in Donmar's Othello and he is known to be a generous patron of The Factory, a brilliant and innovative stage company which has been bringing a fresh new Hamlet production throughout London every week. So personally, I think this is all good.

So all those are stage appearances, and I'm not doubting his stage performances because I know he is a great actor, however on screen I think he's letting it slide a little with choosing some very Hollywood type roles.

But stage IS the actor's medium Richard, so doing them is still not a bad thing. ;)

No, no I never said that and I'm not doubting his stage performances, but most definitely his on screen choices are lacking the strength, diversity and the offbeat feeling that they did pre-Star Wars. He's becoming a Hollywood actor on screen.

I'm sure on stage he isn't, and it may well be the actor's medium, but I think his on screen roles haven't been anywhere near that of his stage or his early career.


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