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Mel Gibson returns to Edge of Darkness

MelGibson.jpgIt's been a while since Mel Gibson undertook a major acting role but he's signed up for one at last. He's going to star in Edge of Darkenss, a movie adaptation of the BBC mini series of the same name.

Following acting roles in Signs and We Were Soldiers in 2002 he concentrated on directing, and after his well documented personal problems, he's been tempted back to acting. It seems he's a big fan of the mini series which sees a police investigator's daughter killed, and his investigation uncovers corruption in both Government and business. News from Variety is that Martin Campbell will direct the film, having also directed the mini series.

Are you happy to see Gibson taking on acting roles, or do you prefer him behind the camera?



I'm less scared about Gibson acting again than I am that they're making 'The Edge Of Darkness' as a film...

I love Mel Gibson both as an actor and director. He has done quite a lot of memorable films like Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Man Without a Face, Braveheart to mention a few. And he has also proved his niche in directing with Apocalypto and Passion of the Christ, I say why not do both eh?

Hopefully the fact that it's the same director will mean it will stick pretty much to the original mini series. A bit strange that he would want to make a film out of something he's already done, maybe he thinks he can do something different with it in film format.

I've always preferred Mel Gibson in comedy roles for some reason. Lethal Weapon would have to be my favourite though.

Its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo. Go Mel.
Forget Hollywood. You're BIGGER than them.
I'm so happy. This is wonderful news to all of us fans. The dry Mel seasons are over!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of his best roles, for me anyway, was the dark Payback. I loved that film, even without the Director's version which I've yet to see.

So yes I'm really pleased he's back, what could be better?

Completely agree with you on that one, Richard. Payback was a great movie.

I have been waiting forever or so it seems to see Mel Gibson star in one of his movies again. He is and will always remain a favorite lead actor for me and I’m sure I speak for multitudes. He is brilliant actor and so full of life, charisma, and fun. I can go on, you can’t tell I’m a fan can you? Thanks Mel, for bringing back the excitement to the silver screen!


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