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Michael Schumacher to play himself in F1 film

MichaelSchumacher.jpgLove him or hate him, and whatever his methods, Michael Schumacher is undoubtedly one of the greatest Formula 1 racing drivers of his time and it appears that Hollywood thinks so too as talks are under way with the star to make a film of his life and with him as the leading actor.

The Michael Schumacher Story seems to be the title of the film being eyed, which would be one of the very few Formula 1 films to be made, although here the focus isn't F1, but the German racing driver himself.

According to Michael Schumacher's manager Willi Weber he's been asked to play himself in the life story. Here are his comments from AFP at Google:

“A Hollywood producer is interested in the life of Michael Schumacher and a film would be called the "Michael Schumacher Story" with him as the main actor.”

Yeah, that's what I just said. Well I was interested until they said that Schumacher would be playing himself, that spells television movie all over it, and also reeks of bad acting. Look, I'm no fan of Schumacher and the methods that he and his team have employed through the years to win, but a film of his career would certainly be exciting.

There are all the controversial moments to consider, winning championships in court, by driving British drivers off the track, ramming into the back of people, and then there's all the politics and such behind the scenes. Formula 1 in itself is a hotbed of political and money based manoeuvrings and would make for a great film.

However let's face it, the film is going to be adoring the man and his achievements, it won't dare to address some of the more negative aspects of his career, especially if Schumacher is playing himself and his manager is involved, and it certainly won't cast any dark light on Ferrari.

Nor, if they are to secure FIA cooperation, will it say anything negative about the governing body of the sport.

These things are a shame. If they could make a film of the seven times World Champion and of Formula 1, they should really include all the more negative parts of his career, such as the battles with Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill (to pick two very contentious moments out).

There's so much within the sport and the infighting within the teams, the mismanagement, the politics overriding racing, and so on that could make for such a powerful film, I'm surprised that this is the best that Hollywood can come up with.

Of course if you think of Michael Schumacher you can probably see why Hollywood is eyeing the man for a film. He's the most famous living driver of our time, he's the most successful, and he raced for one of the most fanatically followed teams in F1 ever. That all spells cash.

Yet having him play himself is going to be really difficult, I've seen him act for fun on television and doing adverts and he's far from being an actor, he's awkward and stilted on screen and would need a lot of training. Surely it would be better to have him cameo and get someone else to play the driver?



I like it. I am in favor. Who knows when will the movie?


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