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Neil Armstrong film

NeilArmstrongCrew.jpgThere's going to be a film about Neil Armstrong and his journey into space to become the first man to set foot on the moon.

Could this be why we didn't see much involvement from Neil Armstrong for the excellent documentary In the Shadow of the Moon (Filmstalker review)?

The announcement comes from Variety through Coming Soon and tells us that the non-fiction book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong (Play.com / Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) will be adapted for the film by Nicole Perlman.

"The closer he got to the moon, the further away he became from his family…He had a family tragedy before Apollo that turned him into this driven astronaut, and he became such a perfect hero that while Buzz Aldrin was announced to be the first man on the moon, NASA reversed its decision because Neil was regarded as more heroic."

Frankly after seeing the charismatic Buzz Aldrin in the film In the Shadow of the Moon I'm surprised that it was passed to Neil Armstrong. With hindsight NASA probably wishes they had chosen the more open and accessible Aldrin as Armstrong is now almost a recluse. When he returned home from the Moon he became much closer to his family and never took part in publicity or marketing afterwards.

However the NASA historian James R. Hansen managed to get direct access to Armstrong and chronicled his life, and the blurbs on the book make it sound very interesting and comprehensive.

"Drawing on flight logs, family and Nasa archives and over 125 original interviews with key participants, "First Man" vividly re-creates Armstrong's life and career in flying, from the heights of honour earned as a naval aviator, test pilot and astronaut, to the dear personal price paid by Armstrong and, even more so, by his wife and children, for his dedication to his vocation. It is a unique portrait of a great but reluctant hero."

Hopefully they'll combine the story with the others on the crew and bring about something more akin to Apollo 13 where the concentration was on the main astronaut but the others had strong characterisations on screen too, this could bring about some interesting dynamics between the two characters.

However we don't want to lose sight of the man himself, ultimately the first man on the moon, and the most intriguing.



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