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New International Speed Racer trailer

SpeedRacer.jpgYeah, I thought that too. Here's another trailer for Speed Racer remixing the same footage, and for a part of the opening that's exactly what we get. Then there's some new angles on some existing shots, and before long there's plenty of new footage and this is looking even more exciting.

Some of the shots look spectacular visually, I just can't help think though that the story is starting to have a lot to live up to in order to keep in touch with what the trailers are promising.

There's something else that has me a little worried about Speed Racer, when we saw the first footage and shots there's a monkey and a kid and the whole film had a very child orientated look and feel to it, now we're being presented with this trailer which makes it look more like an adult orientated action thriller. Which is it meant to be?

Well to the sellers of the marketing obviously it's both isn't it? However are we going to find it has its feet firmly in the younger market and we're being sold this trailer which looks all spectacular action and powerful thriller?

You can see the new International trailer over at Latino Review [Flash]. Which do you think it is?



Still not sure about this. It does look stunning though.


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