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New Speed Racer footage online

SpeedRacer.jpgThere's some new footage online from Speed Racer, and while most new footage clips from films are short and sparing with the footage they show, this one swamps us with the images of Speed Racer right in the middle of things during the races themselves.

I have to say that this, and not the run of gushing comments from the actors and producer, is getting me even more excited about the film.

I really wasn't interested in the Speed Racer idea, and seeing some of the material that it is based on didn't do anything for me. However seeing some of the action moments from the film and the unique style we're getting, I can't help but get excited.

You can see the new footage over at esurance [Flash] in a blatant commercial advertising opportunity, but then the footage is worth it. It comes through The Moving Picture, traileraddict and AICN.

Once loaded look to the bottom left for the link, then choose the left selection box and you should be watching.

I think it's looking stronger and stronger, although I'm still not sure if this is going to be too childish for me.



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