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New The Incredible Hulk trailer online

Hulk.jpgThe Incredible Hulk theatrical trailer has arrived online and it's looking really good. This one has some great glimpses of other aspects of the story rather than Bruce Banner, and has a little hint at his transformation which looks incredibly painful.

There's even a nice little clip of the theme tune from the original television series, carrying on the idea that this film will look more to that aspect of the character than the one we saw in the first film.

It certainly does look good and shows us more of General Thunderbolt Ross and the man that eventually becomes The Abomination, and the transformation that we see hinted at a few times looks really good.

I was talking to my chiropractor today about Hulk, Iron Man and Dark Knight - he's a huge film fan and very much into his superhero films - hey Joey! Thanks for the back fix today. He said that Hulk is always Hulk, there's not really that much they can do differently with the character, although it's a good character and story, and I agreed with him.

However watching this trailer for The Incredible Hulk, there's perhaps a few things left for us to see from the character and the story. Have a look at the trailer over at ReelComix.com [Flash] and see what you think.



A lot better than the previous trailer we were given. I think this is going to be a good movie, although nothing too special.


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