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Orlando Bloom is Prince of Persia?

OrlandoBloom.jpgGet your blue sachet of salt at the ready, as unconfirmed and uncredited sources are saying that Orlando Bloom has signed for the lead role in Disney's coming Prince of Persia trilogy, the first film being Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

The article doesn't give a source or even mention where the rumour came from, but they are stating that he has beaten the competition and has the role.

As much as I hated the way that David Zandi was promoting himself for the role I have to say he really did look the part, but then he's not the huge crowd puller that Orlando Bloom is, is he?

If the rumour is true, coming from WENN through 13WHAM, then it could be good casting. He's proven he has the swashbuckling and physicality required for the role from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and with make-up and some voice coaching he can look and sound Persian for the role.

What do you think though, is Persia: Sands of Time too close to the Pirates role? Or is he just not right for a Persian Prince?



main problem: bloom cannot act.


exhibit A: elizabeth town.

i think the best person for the role would be LOST's Naveen Andrews.

I always had the idea that this would be just a ballsy acrobatic exhibit with monsters and lots of sand in it.

Secretly I always had a hope for (try not to laugh) Tony Jaa to take the role. He could handle some of the stunning fight sequences that took place in the game. He may not however, be able to handle the English language.

It's a mad choice I know.

But who are we kidding, loveable ManBoy Shia LaBeouf will no doubt nab it through some incredible act from the powers that be.

Oh Mogulus, I hadn't even thought of Naveen, and he's a superb choice, way better than Bloom.

Tony Jaa, well Mace, he is a strange choice indeed. He could really handle the action parts, but could he handle the rest of it, or rather would he be a good fit?

I hope it really isn't LaBeouf though, he's not right for the role at all.


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