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Penn on young X-Men and Captain America

ZakPenn.jpgZak Penn was interviewed recently and revealed two interesting things. First up he's connected with the Captain America film, and the second is that he's working on a young X-Men script.

However an official representative of Penn's was quick to ask them to retract the statement to say that he isn't officially working on Captain America.

Although the news that Zak Penn could be writing Captain America would be interesting, I don't see it as being the real story. The real story is what could be happening to the X-Men franchise, can you believe that they could possibly be considering a young X-Men film?

From an interview over at ComicMix through ComicBookMovie he says:

ZP: Yeah, it's like a young X-Men. It's a pretty cool idea, actually. I can't sell you the whole idea, but it involves a younger group of X-Men at the beginning.

CMix: You mean, like an X-Men: First Class kind of thing?

ZP: It is a little bit like that. I don't want to give away the concept of it, but it is a good idea. It is a little bit more of getting back to the classic X-Men. Some of the complaints we've talked about, it would address those directly.

CMix: Will it be all Wolverine's story?

ZP: Right, well that's the thing. It wouldn't involve Wolverine.

Okay, I do trust Zak Penn, he's a great writer when it comes to Superhero stories and he's a good director, but a young X-Men? Surely we're not going to be looking at a story that just takes X-Men and transplants them to when they were young?

Actually, I doubt we will. This sounds like a group of origin stories bundled into one, and none of the major characters either. We could just be seeing another X-Men film after all courtesy of Zak Penn.



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