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Petersen off Ender's Game

OrsonScottCard.jpgWolfgang Petersen is now officially off the production of Orson Scott Card's adaptation of his own novel Ender's Game.

There's no reason given why, but the word is that Card is still writing the screenplay as the news breaks.

I think this is probably a good thing for the film, after all Wolfgang Petersen's career has been a series of more entertaining films than weighty ones, and from the sounds of the plot and Card's reputation, this story requires a little more weight.

Sure he's good at the big blockbuster epic type films that tick all the boxes, but really there hasn't been something that did a little more for me since his adaptation of Enemy Mine in 1985. Yes I know there was In the Line of Fire which was pretty good, but then he hit Outbreak and Air Force One and really went all Hollywood. Perhaps Orson Scott Card would like someone a little less blockbuster for Ender's Game?

Regardless io9 through First Showing tell us that Card is still working on the script and that they're looking for someone to lead and someone to direct. What is perhaps the best news for fans of this project is that the producer says they won't just pick someone for the lead, but want the director to have their choice too.

"We all have our favorites, but it is crucial for the new director to weigh in on that."

That's very positive. So often they end up just pushing people together for the project, but here they're not only getting the original author to write the screenplay, but they're going to let the director have their say on the lead casting, if not let them chose it outright.

The story will see Andrew "Ender" Wiggin getting drafted into Battle School where he learns to become a highly trained soldier. The series continues as he progresses his journey in life becoming a leading soldier and fighting against the alien species called the Formic. Ultimately Ender will be humanity's last hope, but that's a long way off…in book form anyway.



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