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Pitt searches for Amazonian City

BradPitt.jpgBrad Pitt will be producing and starring in a film about the search for the City of Z by Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett in 1925.

He and his party were never heard of again, disappearing on the journey through the Amazon, and since then explorers have attempted to recreate and follow his journey without success.

The film is to be adapted from an upcoming nonfiction book by David Grann whose article about the subject caught the attention of both the publishers and Paramount Pictures.

According to the Variety article Brad Pitt will be playing the lead of Colonel Fawcett and as soon as he announced that he was interested in leading it, Paramount bought it. That's star power for you.

This sounds like another interesting project, and there's so much to exploit in the story, particularly as to how they actually disappeared. I wonder if they'll go a factual route on the film or turn towards the more fantastical side?



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