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PS3 adds DTS-HD audio

PlayStation3.jpgNow for those of you who don't know that much about home cinema or the high definition aspects of home cinema this won't mean a lot, but for those of us who do, this is stunning news.

So far the PlayStation 3 has been a superb choice as a Blu-ray player, but there has been something missing. It has only offered one of the two top options for high definition quality audio on its Blu-ray discs and that's the Dolby Digital option. Now the high definition DTS version is coming with the next update and that means bit for bit playback as per the studio master.

That does make me excited, because this was a real sticking point for my home cinema experience, and I was considering that as more Blu-ray discs were released with full HD audio that I'd have to go and buy a separate player, and there seemed no resolution in sight.

However as the PlayStation Blog confirms the coming version 2.30 firmware update for the PS3 and demonstrates the new built in store, they also reveal the single sticking point that will make this item the top choice for high definition home cinema fans, DTS-HD. Here's what the DTS site says about the audio format:

"DTS-HD Master Audio is capable of delivering audio that is a bit-for-bit identical to the studio master. DTS-HD Master Audio delivers audio at super high variable bit rates -24.5 mega-bits per second (Mbps) on Blu-ray discs and 18.0 Mbps on HD-DVD - that are significantly higher than standard DVDs . This bit stream is so "fast" and the transfer rate is so "high" that it can deliver the Holy Grail of audio: 7.1 audio channels at 96k sampling frequency/24 bit depths that are identical to the original. With DTS-HD Master Audio, you will be able to experience movies and music, exactly as the artist intended: clear, pure, and uncompromised."

I'm wetting my pants. Combined with my Onkyo amp and my Mission speakers, this is going to blow my head off. Now, we just need some decent DTS-HD Blu-ray releases.



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