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Quarantine trailer online

Quarantine.jpgThe trailer for Quarantine, the Hollywood remake of the Spanish horror film [Rec], has appeared online and it looks almost identical. It also seems to give away a major plot moment, just as the original did.

Honestly, watching this, if you turned down the volume, you would think it was the same film. Except for the fact the HAZMAT team heading into the building at the start look American and you recognise the actress from Dexter.

You can have a look at the trailer over at UGO [Flash] through HorrorMovies.ca.

Have a look at Quarantine and tell us what you think. To me it's another direct scene by scene remake of [Rec] and it looks like it doesn't have anything new to add, not from just the trailer anyway.

I'm hoping that there is something in there, something done genuinely better than the first (not just effects or budget wise) and that the story has something different or relevant to offer. If not, then surely they're just cheating [Rec] out of an audience and out of box office returns.



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