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Ratner to direct Murphy in Shrinking Man?

BrettRatner.jpgOh dear. Things don't seem to be getting better for Eddie Murphy as he's preparing to star in The Incredible Shrinking Man, a film that probably will just be so similar to The Nutty Professor it'll be untrue.

The news is that Brett Ratner is in negotiations to direct this remake of The Incredible Shrinking Man, and in a way that makes me think that this could be something better than the usual Eddie Murphy fare that we're seeing, because let's face it, from the outset it seems like his Nutty Professor story with a little twist.

However much you don't like Brett Ratner (if you don't like him that is) you have to admit he's done something much better with the Rush Hour series than has been done with the same old Eddie Murphy comedy. Perhaps he could bring out some of the old talent?

The news that he's in negotiations comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News. The story of the original film, from way back in 1957, is pretty well known, a Las Vegas magician falls under a spell that causes him to shrink and he must try and find a way to reverse the spell before he shrinks away to nothing.

The original was a bit more serious than this planned outing, and I just hope they stay away from both the Honey I Shrunk the Kids route and The Nutty Professor.



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